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The CONVERSATIONS™ series is designed to offer modern college and university professionals the opportunity to engage in constructive dialogue on hot topics in higher education law and policy in a small group setting. In the CONVERSATIONS™ series, participants will work with other professionals on issues of paramount practical importance facilitated by a highly experienced teacher and higher education professional with legal training.


The CONVERSATIONS™ series is unlike any other training/development opportunity in higher education today. This is not a WEBINAR, or a BLOG, or TWITTER but essentially a true small live classroom-like style experience. The CONVERSATIONS™ series offers participants access to novel content, networking opportunities, interactive dialogue, and direct access to a leading national expert. In today’s challenging economic climate, training and development on key issues is more critical than ever, but more difficult—if not impossible—to justify from a budget perspective. Travel to live conferences is time consuming and expensive; many college professionals face severe travel restrictions and can no longer travel to even their own association meetings. WEBINARS, BLOGS AND TWITTER are all very useful, but sometimes there is just no substitute for direct communication with peers and a facilitator.  Large group training often does not give participants the opportunity to fully engage in sustained Socratic dialogue—the kind where you feel you make real progress in working through issues. Professionals at institutions of higher education need highly cost effective, on demand opportunities for training and development in a learning modality that has been proven to be one of the most effective.


CONVERSATIONS™ is for you if you are prepared to engage actively and constructively on hot topics in higher education law and policy.




Tuesday, March 30th, from 1:30 - 3:00 PM EST
(This event has already been held.)


With Professor Peter F. Lake, nationally known author of Beyond Discipline – Managing the Modern Higher Education Environment and co-author of The Rights and Responsibilities of the Modern University:  Who Assumes the Risks of College Life?


Join Professor Lake in this first in a series of facilitated, micro-group conversations with other higher education professionals on what may be the most vexatious issue on college campuses today---college student sexual misconduct.  If you heard Professor Lake on March 4, 2010 on NPR’s Morning Edition and want to continue the discussion,  you will have the opportunity to participate in a guided conversation with ample opportunity to interact directly with your facilitator in a group of no more than 10 other participants. This unique opportunity is open to those higher education professionals who seek to participate  actively  in a Socratic-style discussion of the difficult issues facing college campuses dealing with sexual misconduct.

The group will discuss, inter alia, the nature and dangers of modern college student high-risk sexual and high-risk alcohol culture, sexual assault and misconduct policies, critical legal issues including Clery Act mandates, challenges associated with administering discipline systems when dealing with sexual misconduct, prevention strategies, etc. In addition, participants will have ample time to engage in open Q&A with each other and the facilitator.






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